Three Counties XC - Wellingborough

Posted by Rob White on 27 October 2017

It was a challenging start to the season as always, and somehow the organisers at Croyland Park had found a way to make it even tougher than previous years. With slightly less water but more slopes, Olney had a great squad of 19 intrepid athletes out representing!

With an overall position of 11th from the first race we are well positioned to build on this as we try and break into the Top 10 by the end of the season. Well done to all involved, and let’s see if we can get even more in the squad for Wootton on 12th Nov.


Name  Cat Position Team Points
Darren Darkins M 69 68
Stephen Dicks MV45 88 86
Simon Cook MV45 101 108
Chris Barnes MV45 137 150
Rob White MV40 143 157
Karl McCarthy MV40 146 164
Georgia Richardson F 30 191
David Shakespare MV50 174 209
Helen Margetts FV40 39 223
James Richardson MV55 191 235
Sarah McAuliffe F 50 246
David O'Connor MV50 201 261
Yvonne Murphy F40 74 287
Justin Schofield MV45 216 297
Carole Holloway FV40 93 310
Jackie Tite FV50 96 313
Carolyn Richardson FV50 99 318
Sophie Dennis FV40 118 340
Donna Lee FV50 119 341

  Also a special mention to Anne-Marie Hunter who pulled out half way through injury
wellingboro XC 2017


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